At Golden Sunbeam we provide a world class education on our beautiful and pristine campus located below the serene Akwapim hills at Ayikuma. As an elite institution, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence in teaching.


Our students are Young Professionals in Development (YPID) who graduate with competent skills beyond the requirements for the traditional classroom. Our rigorous educational programs enable our students and children develop self mastery and self confidence to excel in more ways than just academics. Our approach to teaching and learning is what makes Golden Sunbeam a top performing school in Ghana and West Africa.


Since its beginnings in 1989, Golden Sunbeam has delivered on it promise to provide the best education and teaching and today, some of Golden Sunbeam alumni are enrolled in tertiary institutions and employed in the United States and United Kingdom. At Golden Sunbeam the educational experience we offer is intended to transform and empower our students to reach their highest potential. With a global mindset our goal is to provide an education that works for our students everywhere they go.

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